Hooked and Happy in Tenecatita Land

(This was written in April, but I got distracted and forgot to edit & post it, forgiveness please!) April 27, 2017 We dropped the hook in the beautiful anchorage at Tenecatita on the Costalegre coast 12 days ago.  The intent wasn’t to stay this long, but we’ve gotten comfortable and with the prevailing winds its…

CWY: Cruising While Young

In the cruising community, being under the age of 50 puts you in a minority.  The vast majority of folks out here enjoying the cruising life are retiree’s who’ve enjoyed good careers, owned real estate, raised kids, then cashed out and took off on a boat after the little ones flew the nest.  It’s logical.  The…

Dinghy Duds and Do Overs

Learning the cruising life by stumbling our way through. 2 boats + 3 motors = 1 functioning dinghy.

Tour the Galley with me?

I’ve fielded many questions about life on board, so a post with the low down on cooking in a ships galley feels appropriate ‘bout now.  Cooking in a galley is pretty much like using a normal kitchen, it’s just a little simpler, smaller, and it moves sometimes.  I can’t speak for other boaters out there but…

Beautiful Barra de la Navidad

We have found the land of the beach bar.  Seriously, Barra de la Navidad must have at least two beach bars per capita. That, plus a wonderful protected (and flat!) anchorage, cruiser friendly resort, cheap 24 hour water taxi services, and more affordable restaurants than you can shake a tiller stick at.  We are smitten….